San Pedro California Evil Ghost Haunting

In San Pedro, California, there is a haunted house unlike any other. This house actually “bleeds” and oozes red matter from the walls. Sometimes, audible stabbing noises can be heard before this paranormal occurence takes place.

The ghosts that inhabit this haunted house also appear to be extremely violent and aggressive as they constantly attack the family that resides in the cursed home – and during this video, the cameraman himself even gets attacked by an unknown force. The owners of the house feel these ghosts or spirits are extremely evil, and at one point in this clip, a mysterious red mark appears on the forehead of the family’s infant child. The origins of the mark are unknown.

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10 Responses to “San Pedro California Evil Ghost Haunting”

  1. Piper says:

    I’ve seen this video several times and each time it creeps me out. The story has not changed but upon further investigation I really can’t find much else on it. Many people have said that the investigator had done that to himself in the attic or the other guy did it to him. No one could really explain the ooze, and this is talking from all the other times I’ve seen the video like on youtube or on the television. As far as the ooze went, like I said, no one could really explain it but they would try and say that it was made and previously planted there. Also the childs red mark was intentionally done to make the whole thing seem more realistic, you know, if the child is harmed then it just has to absolutely be real.

    Now I’m not a mother but I have many children around me due to my friends or family. I know for a fact that no mother would intentionally harm their child just to make something seem more real. Wether it was red marker or an actual abraision I don’t think any mother in their right mind would let anyone do something to their child. But that is my opinion and what I have observed. As far as the video goes, I really don’t know if it is true or not. All I know is that it does creep me out.

  2. Shelbs says:

    I believe this.

    But made me think it was going too far was when the red mark was found on the babies forehead.

  3. corinne. B says:

    wow. ive seen this video on multiple websites and i would be out of that house by now. i totally beleive this is going down. i am a paranormal investigator (looking for a squad) and i think something is up with this house.

  4. mike dqaniels says:

    where abouts do you live corinne? i would be interested in being on a paranormal team

  5. Maria says:

    i would like to know where the house is exactly so i can figure out the history of that house.

  6. Barry Conrad says:

    The incident was very real and there is a book coming out in late 2008 regarding this remarkable case. I should know since I was there back in 1989

  7. Woody says:

    Alright… the whole interview with the “orb” or “entity” caught on film flying around her head is absolutely ridiculous. Did anyone catch the Monsterquest episode that investigates “Rods” caught on film? It’s been proven that the white thing flying around her head is what a bug looks like when flying passed the lense of a low grade camera. If it was high speed camera being used you would most likely see a housefly or gnat. The rest of the evidence is plausible, but I’m very skeptical of the events and the persons involved in the case. Let’s check the status of their mortgage at the time of the haunting!

  8. Ognjen says:

    This is one of the rare videos on this or similar topics that looks real… If anyone has a link to a similar video, please send it to my e-mail…

  9. marasgal says:

    the ooze looks to be something like water with a bit of rust in it. Not really sure what it was and how it happened. Maybe an old pipe leaking water somewhere. I would have to see more on this to make a real choice if that was real or not.
    The guy being hung from the rafters looked to set up to me, and What about the dude taking the picture??? I mean what the hell is up with that? If I see my friend being HUNG from a rafter, im not going to stop and take pictures, I am chunking the camera and dashing across that attic to save him.
    I am going to say this is fake, unless they come up with some better evidence.

  10. John says:

    Does anyone know the address for this house?

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