Strange Creature Sighting in Brazil

Below is a photograph of a strange bipedal creature on a riverbank in Bahia, Brazil. Apparently, this creature attacked a 15 year old girl and started covering her in mud. The girl managed to escape unharmed after the creature lost it’s balance and fell over.

What is this thing?

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25 Responses to “Strange Creature Sighting in Brazil”

  1. Paul says:


  2. me says:

    bull shit thats a monster mast make up crap..its a clip from a movie..its truly not real

  3. DB says:

    yeah that’s busted

  4. Bruce says:

    What is this thing?

    fake. thats what.

  5. AmyTheScienceFreak says:

    When it said the monster tried to cover the girl in mud, then I looked at the pic I thought it was a pic of the muddy girl XD

    effinately fake though, its soooo easy to replicate!!

  6. Alzern nomo says:

    That “creature” Looks like a demon, but as you may figure it couls be a hoax but when your a paranormal investigator its better to leave this sotra thing in a demonolagest, but it is kanda ood how this sorta “creature” is out in the open and day light.

  7. draco says:

    the stoopit peach was prolly some kid that nearly sucked up some mud and popped out and started wailing….dontcha think

  8. biffa says:


  9. marina says:

    true the “monster” looks more fake than real plus it could be a person coverd in mud and the gurl could of been a relative of the dude so comment FAKE!!!!!

  10. BritKid says:

    That thing looks 3ft tall and fake, why did’t the person with the camera attempt to stop/capture/kill the creature?

  11. werner says:


  12. aleks says:

    i think its fake and why could not the camera man zoom in to the creature. thats is just bullshit

  13. a.d. says:

    wat ev yall guys cant prove its fake

  14. Buzt says:

    is it real?????

  15. Anonymous says:

    so many comments about it, i really dont know wat 2 say

  16. glorianna says:

    thats creepy real or not its haunting

  17. saralyna says:

    fake!!!i dont think that thing like this existed in this new come the camera man captured this pic, without being caught by the monster???

  18. Armageddon says:


  19. no wonder you guys think its fake

  20. I’m beginning to think its just a sculpture

  21. Nohko says:

    To Saralyna, I find it incredible how you dare to use “thing like this existed in this new world” when there is indeed (though small in percentage) of the world uncharted. Remember the people we put so much faith in, the rational-minded scientists with their sparkling degrees once believed that creatures as allusive as the Giant Squid and Angler Fish to be all apart of the mythos of the world.
    But other than that, I dunno. It’s possible it might be a hoax and it’s possible it might be real. It’s like the entire Big Foot thing.

  22. Lex Lugger says:

    I think its a fake, but if it is real
    SHOOT IT!!!!

  23. me says:

    it is looking like this creature is holding some baby…or it is bullshit..

  24. David Parker says:

    I use to see this on YouTube…

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