World’s Smallest Human Skeleton

Workers deep in the forests of Bogota, Colombia found the remains of what they’re calling “a tiny human skeleton”. Below is the video (with close up) of this amazing discovery. While I’d like to believe it’s actually the skeleton of some tiny human forest dweller such as an elf or fairy- it’s most likely the remains of a small animal of some sort such as a small monkey.

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8 Responses to “World’s Smallest Human Skeleton”

  1. syd says:

    the skeleton has 6 fingas so it cant b human can it??

  2. Piper says:

    I only counted five fingers. Can’t really tell if this is real or fake though.

  3. Jakabob says:

    Looks TOO good to me. Smells a bit fishy to me. If anything I reckon it could be a small primate or something. Would be interesting if was proven to be actually human. Bet it wasn’t sent to a medical institution to be examined.

  4. stef says:

    not a primate, foremen magnum is at the base of the skull.

    probably a fake though, seems a bit too well preserved. not crushed or anything, and its just in some loose dirt.

  5. Shelbs says:

    I think it’s Jesus

  6. pipera says:

    Come on people – HOW are the bones conected? the flesh, ligaments etc are gone.. when you dig up bones they are scattered. Like the tiny bones in your fingers, what holds them together? NOT other bones silly. This should be a PILE of bones that they would have to piece together with wire!!!!! sheesh…

  7. Sheba12106 says:

    Pipera….I think these people would believe anything. If a human that small ever existed we would never know it anyway, scientists would conclude that it was fragmented pieces of something else.

  8. Nohko says:

    I wonder how deep did that person digged to come upon such a fascination.

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