Forum, anyone?

This site is getting a very high amount of daily visitors, and I think it’s time to bring this website to the next level.

I was wondering if any of you paranormal fans out there would be interested in a Demontales forum where we could discuss and share more ghostly and supernatural stories and videos? I’d even include a section where you guys could post up your own stories of the unknown. Other sections would include ghosts, aliens, bigfoot, strange creatures, bizarre news, etc – basically everything you can find on this site. It would be a great way to share stories, discuss ideas and theories, and get to know other visitors.

So, if you guys want a forum, just let me know and I’ll make it happen. Either leave feedback in the comments for this post or feel free to send me an email – jason [at] demontales [dot] com.

If the demand is high enough, I’ll get a forum going ASAP.