The Bigfoot Whisperer – Bigfoot Mating Calls

A few weeks ago, I posted some controversial audio entitled Student Captures Audio of 2 Bigoot in Shawnee National Forest. It created quite a stir within the paranormal/bigfoot community and I got numerous emails asking about it.

Before we go any further with this strange case, a few things need to be noted as I now have some new information and insight into the origins of the audio.

The “student” in the original clip wasn’t really a student at all. It was a man named Rob Fairless who claims to be able to communicate with bigfoot. He used the cover of a student to get his video public and to create a buzz within the bigfoot community. In all reality, he has been recording bigfoot for years but didn’t want to release the audio using his own name. Until now.

Mr. Fairless – also known as The Bigfoot Whisperer – has resurfaced once again with some more bigfoot audio. This time it is 3 male bigfoots he recorded in September of 2011. I’ve had a chance to chat with Fairless and he is quite an interesting person and very passionate about the subject. Perhaps I can get him on the site for an interview in the near future.

In the meantime, here is the latest bigfoot sounds:

*** Update – Rob Fairless, The Bigfoot Whisperer, has agreed to an exclusive interview with The interview will take place in a week or so. I will post it on my site. If anyone has any specific questions for Mr. Fairless, please post them in the comments below. ***