The Tapping at My Window

Here’s a reader submitted true paranormal story, coming from Mike in Colorado. It’s about one sleepless night he had out in his cabin out in the Rocky Mountains, and coming face to face with a strange creature. Thanks for this scary submission, Mike!

Hello my name is Mike and I have a strange story to share with you. I was camping out in the rocky mountains up at my cabin about 3 years ago. It was June of 2009. I was alone because every once in a while I just like to get away from city life and spend a few weeks out at my cabin just fishing and hiking. The fresh mountain air is very renewing to me.

Anyways… one night I was laying in bed around 1am planning my hiking trails for the next day and I heard a strange tapping on the window. My windows are covered by big thick curtains so I couldn’t really see what was going on outside or what could be causing the tapping. At first I just thought it was a tree branch or wild animal bumping into the window.

But the tapping was persistent and went on for about 15 minutes. Curiousity got the better of me and I creeped up quietly to the window with my lantern and flung the drapes open.

Standing outside my window was a figure about 7 feet tall and covered in thick brown fur. My gut instinct screamed bear but this was definitely no bear.

The figure walked backwards a few step as it let out a loud piercing howl followed by a short series of screams. I reckon I scared it more than it scared me! It quickly turned around and ran off into the darkness on 2 legs. It was definitely bipedal and incredibly fast and agile. Since it was dark out I didn’t get much of a good look but that thing was big and fast.

Did I see bigfoot? I’m not sure what the heck I saw but it’s a night I will never forget. I didn’t get one wink of sleep that night. The next morning I went to investigate and didn’t see no tracks or anything. I also often wonder why it was tapping on my window for 15 minutes?

Well just thought I would share my bigfoot story with you, hope you enjoyed it.

It indeed sounds like you saw a bigfoot up close and personal, Mike. Thankfully it didn’t appear to be very aggressive. I’ve read theories that state bigfoot(s) actually exist on a different plane, and they can tune in and out of our reality at will. Perhaps that’s why bigfoot appears to be so elusive, and no tracks were visible the next morning.

In any case, thanks for your great submission! Stay tuned for more reader stories soon.