Mysterious “Men in Black” Sightings on Rural Roads in Iowa


Here’s a rather bizarre and creepy news story. Police in Muscatine County, Iowa are on the lookout for some mysterious “men in black” who are seen walking down rural roads at night.

In the dark of the night, these men can be seen walking down rural roads, giving motorists quite the fright. They are dressed from head to toe in all black and wear black trench coats. They most often walk on the side of the road, but sometimes they have been seen stepping into the road itself.

Nobody knows who they are, where they came from, or what their intentions are.

The police have admitted that the men have committed no crime, and believe it to just be a bunch of pranksters. However, it is causing quite a panic among area residents who want these men to stop. Therefore, the police will be on the lookout and urge people to report any sightings immediately.

Some conspiracy theorists are reporting these “men in black” are being spotted in the same area as a rash of UFO sightings years ago.

As of yet, no witnesses who have seen these men have been brave enough to approach. Most report feeling incredibly uneasy and just want to get away from them as soon as possible.

If you find yourself in Muscatine County, Iowa, keep an eye out for the mysterious “Men in Black” who haunt the rural roadways…

Source: KWQC News