The Mysterious Montauk Monster

A strange creature has washed up on the shores of Long Island Beach in Mountak, New York. The only evidence of it’s supposed existence, however, is this solitary picture.

The people who found the strange creature say they don’t know what became of the corpse. They claim after they had a chance to photograph it, a man came along and took the rotting carcass away. Who was this mysterious man? That remains a mystery as well. This is leading a lot of people to believe this is an elaborate hoax.

Many wildlife experts have examined the picture and say it could be the mangled corpse of a dog, coyote, turtle… the list goes on. What it boils down to is that nobody really knows. Some people even go as far to say the government is responsible for this genetic mutation (there is a military base near by).

As of now, the body of this strange creature has not been found. Elaborate hoax? Government project gone awry? Who knows, but that thing sure is strange.