Goblin Sighting in Southwest Missouri?

There’s been quite a few reports lately from around the web concerning “goblin” sightings from various parts of the United States. Are these hot summer months bringing them out of hiding? Why are goblin sightings all of the sudden being reported by such a large number of people?

In most of these strange reports, people are saying the creatures seem to resemble the evil creature in the movie Gremlins.

Here’s one case I found which details one man’s terrifying tale of being chased by one of these strange little creatures…

I was out running late at night through this large park in southwest, Missouri.

Anyway, as I was going by this patch of trees I nearly stumbled over the strangest creature I have ever seen. It was dark brown, almost black with a creme sort of mottling. Its ears were sort of long and pointed, like the gremlins in the movie, gremlins. This was close to the ground, and as I nearly tripped over it, it acted disoriented. It appeared to have been eating, or doing something on the ground.

Luckily, I did not touch it. It was sickly looking and was hairless and gross and scaly. I danced around it and it snorted and gave sort of a sickly growl and chased after me.

I screamed and took off. It was not very fast, and it sort of made a wet snorting noise as it scrambled at my heals. I ran harder, and leapt ahead as it was snapping at my calfs. It slowed as I got about twenty feet ahead, and I had to turn to see where it went. I felt like vomiting. It sat in the shadows of the tree line wheezing. I gave a blood curdling shriek at it and it took off into the treeline.

Afterwards I wondered if that had either been a rabid opossum or racoon or dog, or if it had been a demon of some sort. Again, it was not tall, and its head probably came about a foot off the ground. Luckily it had not bit or scratched me.

Source: Paranormal.about.com