The Creature of North Hampton Woods

I’m going to break away from the video and bizarre news postings for a bit, and share with you guys a story my friend used to tell me about the strange creature that lived in the woods by his house. He swears up and down that his story is 100% true, and I have no reason to think he is lying as he is a very honest, trustworthy person.

That being said, I know you’re going to enjoy this strange tale, so sit back, relax, and turn off the lights. I’m going to tell you about the creature who lives in North Hampton woods.

Let’s begin…

A few years ago, my friend Bill inherited a house out in the middle of the woods. It was a rather old house that kind of resembled a big log cabin. It was falling apart in places, and you could tell that time and the elements had taken it’s toll on the place. No one had taken care of it in years, but Bill decided to fix the place up and move in anyway.

Surrounding the house on all sides was one giant, endless forest called North Hampton Woods. As a side note, I’ve been out to those woods with Bill a few times and it’s an amazing place. Very quiet, very serene, and very peaceful.

Bill spent his first few days fixing up the old house. After about a week, however, Bill started to notice that something just wasn’t right.

Every once in a while, he would find his tools in a different spot than he had originally left them. There were no neighbors for miles, and nobody had been to the house except for him. Obviously, nobody was playing a prank on him. Bill dismissed it at first, and kept working day in and day out.

One night, soon after dark, while Bill was relaxing on his couch and listening to the radio, he heard something walking around outside. Since there were many animals in the area, he didn’t think much of it at first. After a few minutes the noise persisted, so Bill decided to investigate and make sure no animals were damaging his property.

He went outside with his flashlight, and after a quick search, could not find a single animal in the vicinity. So, he went back inside and layed back down on his couch. Just as he was starting to drift off to sleep, the slow tapping started.

From behind him, Bill distinctly heard somebody or something tapping on the glass of the window. It was as if something was trying to get his attention. Was it the wind? Was it a tree branch gently knocking against his window? He got a very sick feeling in his stomach as he slowly turned around.

There was nobody at the window. The tapping had stopped. Bill breathed a sigh of relief, and was turning back around when he caught a glimpse of a strange creature peering at him from the darkness in the room next to him. Bill froze with fear.

Bill described it to me as “troll like, small snakelike eyes, about 4 feet tall, and covered in thick, dark hair, with a terrible stench similar to rotting chicken.”

After the intial shock wore off, Bill quickly jumped off the couch and ran for the gun cabinet. After he flung the cabinet open and grabbed his shot gun, he turned around quickly and saw the creature was already gone. He tore through his house, gun in hand, checking every room, closest, and possible hiding space. He was screaming at the top of his lungs for this thing to leave. Yet, his search revealed nothing. A lingering, foul stench was the only evidence that the creature was ever inside his house.

Bill left the house that very same night and didn’t go back for weeks. Eventually, disbelief at what he had seen started to set in. As is common with a lot of traumatic or unexplainable incidents, he started to reason with himself that he had imagined or dreamt the whole thing. After mustering up a little courage, he went back to the house and resumed work.

Days passed without incident. In fact, the house was exactly as he had left it. Bill thought the whole creature incident was probably just a bad dream. He might have dozed off while sleeping on the couch that night and not even noticed. After a few more days of being back at thouse, he completely dismissed the incident from his mind.

Just when he started to get comfortable, the true horror began…

Stay tuned for part 2, coming soon… in the next part of the story, I will also reveal the location of North Hampton woods for all you creature hunters out there. 🙂