Photographer Says He Captured Evidence of Fairies

A Welsh musician believes that he has photographed a group of fairies while going for a walk with his dog. The man’s name is John Rutledge and he says he first noticed the fairies when reviewing the pictures he took on his walk.

In total, there are seven semitransparent flying objects. They are humanoid in shape, with visible arms and legs, and have wings. The objects are estimated to be about an inch and a half long. Mr. Rutledge believes that they are the elusive and legendary entities known commonly as fairies, and his pictures will prove to the world that they exist.


Skeptics, however, believe the objects in the pictures to be nothing more than insects, and that the magical otherwordly appearance can be chalked up to clever lighting and angles.

Additionally, Mr. Rutledge has a podcast on myths and mysteries, so skeptics are saying these fairy pictures are nothing more than a hoax and a clever method of promotion.

What do you think? Did this Welsh photographer actually capture a photo of these mythical and elusive creatures? Or is this just a clever hoax? Regardless of the authenticity of the photograph, do you believe fairies are real?

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