Ghost in the Road Caught by Security Camera

A homeowner in the UK was in for quite a shock when he saw a strange, semi-transparent figure lurking in the road outside his home. If you watch the footage above, you will see this mysterious figure walking back and forth, almost as if it’s confused or searching for something… or someone.

Ian Hawke, the man who captured this incredible ghost footage, believes it to be the ghost of a child or perhaps some kind of lost or confused spirit.

Even though he was a bit shocked by what was revealed on his security camera, Mr. Hawke is no stranger to hauntings and paranormal activity. He says his home is haunted by several ghosts.

“I have spirits in my house and my friends have filmed them here in the past”, Hawke says.


Currently, Hawke is trying to find a medium to come out and investigate the property. He wants to know more about the identity of the ghosts and, most importantly, what they’re doing in his home.

Genuine ghost video or odd camera malfunction? We want to know what you think in the comments below! Let us know your thoughts on this creepy footage.