Ghosts Cause Hysteria In Malaysian School

Sekolah Menengah Sains Dungun, a boarding school located in Malaysia, recently endured an apparent outbreak of ghosts starting on Friday, January 25th.

It began with a group of girls claiming to have seen ghosts, said pupils eventually progressing into a state of extreme hysteria. The following Sunday after a weekly assembly a girl suddenly began screaming, in such a state of terror that she could not be calmed down. Students proceeded to also see the spirits flying through various classrooms, escalating into a similar state of hysteria as the previous girls did just two days before. Other students who had not witnessed the phenomena also got caught up in the frenzy, forcing the school to call off class for the day and having pupils return to their dormitories, despite the little difference it made.

Monday saw the same furore among the school, going so far as to affect the staff of the establishment. One teacher went so far as to state that the school was occupied by a large number of jinns (a type of demon in Muslim demonology). Forced to make a choice, the school was closed, parents taking all but out-of-state pupils back to their homes.

According to students, Tuesday only saw an increase in the chaos as parents continued to collect their children, frightened and confused. After some time, however, the hysteria seemed to subside, and with only male students remaining, classes resumed.

Although it is unknown what truly occurred during the brief explosion of paranormal activity within the school, with only the scant student account to provide insight, it can be said that those at Sekolah Menengah Sains Dungun will not forget those peculiar, and in some cases, terrifying four days.