5 Mysterious and Unexplained Sea Creatures

Although the Earth is 70% water, very little is actually known about marine life on our planet. It’s true that we have identified many different species that lurk in the deep, however there is still much to be discovered, and science is finding new and strange species in our oceans all the time. In fact, we have only explored a very small percentage of our oceans. We know more about space than the waters on our own planet.

The excellent video above shows several cases of mysterious and unexplained sea creatures. A 9 foot long Great White Shark that was devoured by a much larger and unknown predator. A furry dolphin-like creature that washed ashore and was unable to be identified as any known species. The “loneliest whale”, an unknown creature that emits a call much like a whale but has yet to be identified… and more!

It’s very chilling to think about what strange (and huge!) beasts lurk in the murky deeps of our ocean. We think you’ll find this sea creature video both informative and entertaining. Give it a watch and let us know what you think in the comments!