Alien Caught Peering Through a Darkened Window

A family that went on a vacation to Pilot’s Knob in Arkansas had a very strange encounter with some alleged extraterrestrials in a rental home. This is one of the most bizarre tales I’ve heard with some of the best photographic evidence to accompany the strange claims. Thankfully, the father had enough courage in this frightening situation to grab a camera and snap a picture.

As the story goes, the father heard his son screaming in the basement. The son ran upstairs scared out of his mind. Meanwhile, the mother outside the house was smoking a cigarette when she heard a series of distinct and loud popping noises. She begins screaming and runs inside, so terrified that she ran into some furniture and nearly fell over. The father then notices flashes of light coming through the window. When he goes outside to investigate, he sees a 3 sided upside-down pyramid object levitating in the trees. The object moves out of sight, and he goes back inside where the strangest photo of all was taken. He noticed some kind of strange being in the window with it’s mouth open and moving, almost as if it was talking.

In the photo he took, you can clearly see several things that are very out of place. The most noticeable is the alien being peering in through the window. You can also see another “cloaked” figure in the living room. It may be using some kind of invisibility suit or something similar. The final thing that is really odd is the 3 glowing orbs on the floor by the table. Is this some kind of strange alien device? Did this family have a close encounter with something not of this world? Were they almost the victim of a terrifying abduction attempt?

Watch the video above for the full story and to view the startling image. We’d love to hear what you think in the comments. Was this family on vacation visited by some aliens? Real or hoax?