Bigfoot Speaks? Shocking Rare Audio Recording from Ontario.

Here’s a video which features a mysterious audio recording of an alleged bigfoot. It was recorded by the group ‘Sasquatch Ontario’ on May 3, 2013. They claim, “Audio of this caliber is extremely difficult to obtain. It’s taken 7 months of persistence and a non evasive approach to build up trust to a level that this family of Sasquatch feel is comfortable enough to let us hear their voices.”

Also from the video author: “When you hear the voice of the sasquatch people, there’s no mistaking it. It has a life altering and deeply profound effect.”

Throughout the video (it clocks in at over 10 minutes, so it’s fairly long), you’ll hear several vocalizations and other noises which are said to be genuine bigfoot activity. What do you think… clever hoax? The real deal? Either way, things are heating up in the cryptid world. Let us know your feedback in the comments!