Creepy Footage of Possessed Teddy Bear

Here’s some extremely creepy footage taken by a “nanny cam” in India. It shows a teddy bear coming to life and crawling on top of a sleeping girl. The stuffed toy slowly sits up as it appears to come to life. Then it crawls over to the unsuspecting girl, who is fast asleep.

Some are quick to brand this video a hoax, stating that the movements of the teddy bear are too mechanical in appearance, and that the entire scene is completely staged.

However, possessed and haunted objects are widely regarded by paranormal researchers to be a very real phenomenon. Stories of possessed items exist throughout history in many different cultures including paintings, beds, tables, dolls, weapons, and more. Can a spirit or demon enter an inanimate object and take it over? Many who study the paranormal say it’s a definite possibility, so be don’t be so quick to dismiss the creepy footage above.

Whether it’s a ghost, demon, or hoax – one thing is certain. The video clip above is truly frightening.

So, check out this chilling video and let us know what you think in the comments below! Genuine creepy footage of a haunted teddy bear? Or another clever hoax?