Flying Drone spots Bigfoot in Idaho?

An Idaho man flying his drone and filming believes he captured a Bigfoot on video.

Around 25 seconds into the footage, you will see a creature dash across a field, and disappear into some trees.

It’s hard to tell if you’re watching the video on a smaller screen, but this creature is definitely running on 2 legs. It also appears to be covered in dark brown or reddish hair. It’s certainly not a deer, bear, or other assorted common wildlife. Which begs the question – so, what exactly is it?

If you’re having trouble zooming in on the video, here’s a closeup:


Experts in the cryptozoology field are skeptical about the footage for a variety of different reasons. They note the display screen from a drone is similar in size to a modern mobile phone, therefore it would be highly unlikely the videographer would have even noticed a tiny dot moving across the field.

Additionally, experts in Bigfoot claim that the creature would most likely not travel such a long distance in broad daylight where it could be easily spotted.

Currently, the footage is being analyzed and studied by several different sources to determine whether or not this is an elaborate hoax or the real deal.

Just .02 cents on the issue… we think the shadow the creature casts looks a little too big and too square. If you watch the way it falls over the dirt road/path, it doesn’t quite look natural. It has no defined shape except a generic square. We can’t place our finger on it, it just seems off somehow (almost as if rendered by a computer algorithm similar to how a shadow would be rendered in a low budget video game using an outdated engine). However, that doesn’t mean this isn’t authentic footage by any means. It could be genuine footage of a rare occurrence. We really need your help here in coming to a conclusion.

What do you think? Was Bigfoot really captured on film by a flying drone? Is this nothing more than a clever hoax? As always, leave your opinions and thoughts in the comments below!