Strange Bipedal Creature Caught on Film

Here’s an interesting video of a strange bipedal creature that was filmed during a 4×4 riding trail in Alabama near Pea Ridge. In this clip, we can see the creature cross in front of the camera and walk slowly across the riding path. It appears to be about 1 foot tall. No idea what it is, but it’s walking on 2 legs so that rules out any small animals that might be in the immediate vicinity – not to mention most animals wouldn’t exactly be attracted to the sound of a running 4×4 motor and would most likely head in the opposite direction. This creature doesn’t seem to care about the 4×4 or the noise it is making. It’s as if it’s fearless in a way. It’s important to mention that there have been recent reports of similar, but bigger, creatures in the same area. Enjoy this strange creature video.