Strange Creature or Demon Caught on Smartphone Camera

Here’s a video from Australia taken on a smartphone camera. A man says he heard a strange cackling sound, similar to a chicken, in his apartment. His room mate went to investigate and saw a large “rat-like creature” run into the bathroom. They both ran into the kitchen to hide, but then decided to go investigate since it’s impossible that it was a rat. Rats in Australia simply don’t get to be that size. That’s when something very strange appears on film.

From the video author:

Footage from my smartphone of what we thought was a rat in the toilet, but turned out to be what looks like a demon or a ghost. I was a sceptic, but this freaked me out and changed my mind fast. We broke our lease at that apartment because of it. No way we were going to stay in a haunted unit.

Strange demon? Unidentified animal? Let us know what you think in the comments!